Marshalling Duties

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In order for all members to enjoy their motor sport the Club require ALL competitors to undertake marshalling duties, this requirement being passed previously by members at an AGM. Although we have a dedicated band of regular voluntary marshals, for which we are very grateful, this is insufficient to enable our meetings to go ahead. Even with competitors carrying out marshal duties we do at times still have a shortfall.

We therefore require all ADULT competitors (18 years of age and over) who compete in more than one event to carry out THE VALUE OF TWO marshal stints throughout the calendar year (1st January to 31st December). ONE of these stints to be at MOTOCROSS and the other at their choice of venue.

Should an ADULT only compete in one event then only ONE FULL marshal stint is required, this can be at motocross or any other event.

All JUNIOR competitors (under 18 years of age – even if they compete in a Senior Class) must have ONE FULL marshal stint carried out on their behalf throughout the calendar year (1st January to 31st December). Juniors can help with the marshalling but an adult over 18 years must carry out the stint and sign on for them. The marshal stint can be undertaken at any event.

If a Junior competitor competes in more than one event during the calendar year of their 18th birthday they will be required to do two marshal stints as per adult requirements above if more than one of the events falls after their actual birthday.

If somebody is carrying out a marshal stint on your behalf it is for you to make sure that they sign on stating that the marshal stint is for yourself. (We cannot start back dating allocated marshal stints) it must be done at the time.

As from 5th January 2013 all marshals or their nominated representative must sign the NEW MARSHAL SIGNING ON SHEET CLEARLY. Please note this is in addition to the normal ACU/MSA requirements.

All marshal stints must be pre-booked with the marshal co-ordinator. Once you have pre-booked your marshal stint, failure to appear on the day by either yourself or your representative, without prior notification at the latest 8pm on the evening before the event to the co-ordinator or the relevant captain, will result in one full EXTRA stint being added to your name.

Failure to comply with the marshalling requirements will result in that competitor being put on the “Marshal Sinners List”. Anyone on the sinners list will not be allowed to take part in any further events until they are removed from the sinners list.

To have your name removed from the sinners list you must meet your marshalling requirements up to that date. You may clear your name and race on the same day if you provide the necessary marshal for the full day i.e. one marshal for one marshal stint owed or two marshals for two marshal stints owed.

As from 1st January 2014 anyone on the Sinners List will not only have to clear their stints they will also have to carry out the equivalent of ONE FULL STINT to count for that current year before being allowed to compete.

While on the sinners list all your entries will be refused by the Competition Secretary. Having an entry refused DOES NOT replace a marshal stint. No trophies or rewards will be presented to anyone on the sinners list. Trophies or rewards will not be back dated although your name will appear on the trophy.

Should you not be able to marshal a full day at either hill climbs or motocross then we may accept two half days of marshaling to count for one stint however this must be cleared with the organising committee. Marshal stints for sprints and karting cannot be split.

The three race Kart Winter Series is now included and counts for marshal stints by both marshals and competitors.

Alderney Requirements

If the only events you compete in throughout the year are one or both of the Alderney weekend events you will not be required to carry out marshaling duties for that year. However if you marshal ALL DAY at either of the Alderney events then this can count as a marshal stint against your name.

Pre-Race Drivers Meetings for Hill Climbs and Sprints

Those competitors not present at the pre-race drivers meetings usually held on the Monday night before the event without valid reason and either verbal or written apology to the Competition Secretary will be called upon in the first instance to cover any shortage of marshals on the race day.

As mentioned above there may be occasions when we have a shortage of marshals. You may be asked by Race Officials if you would be willing to marshal just for a short period to help out. Please note you will not forfeit any of your own runs/races. Please try to oblige if possible as it will greatly help the smooth running of the event for all competitors. Please note any abusive response to such a request will be severely dealt with by the Race Officials.



More information on marshalling can be found here